Global Research Benchmarking System Adds Coverage of European Universities

The Global Research Benchmarking System (GRBS), the first international university research benchmarking initiative which debuted in Nov 2011, has recently extended its coverage to universities in Europe. Building on the work of European University Data Collection (EUMIDA) initiative, the 2012 mid-year release includes 614 universities from the EU, Norway & Switzerland. Adding to its previous coverage of 729 universities in Asia Pacific and North America, this now bring the total number of universities covered to over 1,300.    

Universities in Europe were selected for inclusion in GRBS by examining research output in the four-year window (2007-2010) at two levels. First, in each of the 251 third-level niche subject areas of GRBS the universities with the highest number of publications (top 100) were identified. In addition, the 200 universities with the highest number of publications were identified in broader second level categories.  If a university was in any of these lists, it was included in the entire exercise.  This methodology enables GRBS to report on the performance of smaller and more specialized universities in addition to the larger more comprehensive ones.  
Prof. Peter Haddawy, Director of UNU-IIST gave presentations to introduce the new European coverage at events in Brussels and Bonn.  The event in Brussels was held on 11 May at the EU Liaison Office of the German Research Organizations and was attended by officials from the Directorate General for Research of the European Commission as well as Science and Technology policy agencies.  The event in Bonn was held at the offices of the International Bureau of the BMBF on May 15 and attended by representatives from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, German Rector’s Conference, German Research Foundation, Wissenschaftsrat, iFQ, TÜV, VDI-TZ, the EU Bureau.  The UNU Vice Rector, Prof. Jakob Rhyner, was also in attendance.