Electronic Governance for Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is a major item on the agenda of most governments today. In general, Sustainable Development aims at social justice and overcoming inequalities within the society, environmental protection and economic efficiency, while making sure that addressing the needs of the present generation does not jeopardize the prospects for future generations to meet their needs. 

Governance and particularly good governance plays a fundamental role in the pursuit of any form of development. It ensures policy coordination across the social, economic and environmental domains; engages citizens and other societal actors in developing these policies; and provides public services essential to daily life. Information and Communication Technology can make this process more effective and efficient.
The aim of this project is to seek information on how governments around the world are using their electronic governance programs to advance sustainable development, to develop a model for integrating electronic governance programs with Sustainable Development initiatives, and provide a policy framework to guide governments in aligning electronic governance initiatives with Sustainable Development goals and priorities.
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